The Wicked Series Soundtrack Release Set For 7.21.2017

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Michael Stanton (Derrell White) is a decorated but burnt out Detective currently working on a murder case involving the Mayor’s son. After some time spent with his mistress Malina (Jennifer Russoli), and before meeting with his partner Steve (voice of Michael D. Cooper), Michael makes a stop to visit his ailing father, Victor Stanton (Walter Thompson). This fateful meeting proves to unravel a series of family secrets that can change the course of their lives.  


Sons of the wicked

The saga continues the quest of Michael Stanton’s search for answers to a mystery surrounding his family’s darkest secrets which leads him into a web of conspiracies that he will never see coming including an unexpected visit from his long estranged brother, Xander King (Cory Jordan).

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Legacy of the wicked

A year after the events of “Sons of the Wicked”, things become more complex when a government contract assassin, Agent Damon Briggs (Jay Bronson), recalls his deadly encounter with his arch rival Xander King (Cory Jordan).

The Wicked Series is written, directed, and produced by Nick Dalmacy.