Interview: Remote Scoring a Feature Film

" Film composer Joel Christian Goffin is staying busy writing and recording scores for an array of Hollywood clients, all without leaving home. His soundtrack to the film Black November — starring Mickey Rourke, Kim Basinger, Anne Heche and Vivica A. Fox — is newly available from iTunes, Amazon and over 200 retailers worldwide. He also scored the forthcoming romantic comedy Love Addict, which won Best Comedy at last December’s Los Angeles Comedy Festival, along with several recent short films.

Video conferencing, broadcasting scoring sessions live from his Bluestone Symphonics studio and ever-increasing Internet speeds have made it possible for Goffin to work remotely with directors, producers and sound mixers. “The screening stage will be broadcast over to my studio via Skype, and we have conversations as though I’m right in the room with them as we mark up the cues for their film,” Goffin says.

Goffin runs his studio from a Mac Pro with hardware and software that he says are fairly typical of what other composers in the business utilize. He uses Logic Pro to construct the score, software such as Omnisphere, VSL, LA Scoring Strings and Symphobia and a large number of hybrid platforms for instrumentation. “I am virtual-instrument based, using primarily keyboards to write the score,” Goffin says. “On occasion, I use score vocalists to provide emotion to certain scenes and an electric violin or cello to add a more natural tone to various string sections.”

Joel Christian Goffin Bluestone Symphonics

Goffin usually likes to block off 20- to 30-minute sections of the film — which he says are “kind of like milestones” — and give the producers updates, though sometimes they prefer not to receive anything until the entire score is complete. During the writing process, the score will go through two or three phases of notes before the master arrangement score is sent over to the sound mixer for his or her final mix on a dub stage. "

- Edwin Arnaudin (Mountain Xpress)

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