Score to Vladamir Minuty's film "Vacant" Complete

The music score to “Vacant” is complete! It was a pleasure to work with Vlad again. Utilizing primarily a small chamber section and electronic lows, a minimal but intensive score.

Directed by Vladimir Minuty (USA, 2019, 28 min.). Digital.


In the near future, cannabis is legal and ubiquitous. Nia, an out-of-work millennial, hopes to become a social-media influencer, but when women turn up missing in town, she finds herself at the center of a mystery with uncanny origins and no one to turn to. 


"Cotton" Original Soundtrack by Joel Christian Goffin Released Today Worldwide

The soundtrack to Marty Madden’s film “Cotton” has been released today on all music vendors. Music by Joel Christian Goffin

Available on iTunes - Amazon

Starring: Gary Cole , Erik Smith , Lusia Strus , Zoe Perry, and Ali Stroker.

Cotton Soundtrack by Joel Christian Goffin

Available Today

Summary: A reluctant faith healer tries to escape his darkened past working as a ranch hand for a plain-spoken widower and his young daughter. Over time, he becomes a part of their family and even falls in love with the local girl who helps out at the ranch, giving him hope that he may have finally found a place to call home. But, his fragile dreams are shattered when his predatory evangelist mother tracks him down, stopping at nothing to get her son and his miraculous gifts back on the revival circuit.


American King Score Complete

Just finishing up scoring the feature romantic comedy "American King." Directed by Jeta Amata, starring Akon. It's been a pleasure working with Jeta and Akon again, as well as coordinating details with producer Vanessa Martini. Here are a few production photos from the Los Angeles and Asheville studio sessions.

American King - Joel Goffin Jeta Amata and Akon .jpeg
Jeta Amata - Akon - Joel Goffin - American King .jpeg
Joel Goffin .jpg
Joel Goffin - Bluestone Symphonics - American King .jpeg
Joel Goffin - Joel Christian Goffin .jpeg