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Influenced by the films of the 70’s like King Kong (1977), Halloween, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Raiders of the Lost Ark, Nick Dalmacy has been obsessed with film as a means of communicating imagination via celluloid to a mass audience.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Nick has began his foray into filmmaking in 1993 when he decided to make a career out of his passion. He wrote his first screenplay, “Field Day”.



In 2002, Nick shot a portion of the film to attract financing.  After unsuccessfully raising the financing for “Field Day”, in 2003, he was hired to direct a music video for B-E-Z Entertainment recording artist Blu Eye. The video would air briefly in the West Coast independent video channels.  Shortly after the music video, he went on to write “Scorn”. Again, Nick assembled a small cast and crew, including a gifted Cinematographer, Andrew Carranza, and shot a small portion of the script to help raise financing.  In 2004, he and his family, moved to North Carolina, where he took some time off from film to reflect on the future. In early 2008, he wrote the short film “Genesis: Prelude to SYXX”.  The story about a disillusioned soldier who completes a covert terrorist plan and risks his love for his wife and country went on to win a Platinum Award from the Nevada Film Festival. 

Nick Dalmacy .jpg
Nick Dalmacy .jpg

The short film would help bring in financing from family and friends for “Scorn”. Originally a New York based story, the film was retooled for the North Carolina setting. From Writing, Producing and Directing his first feature film, he also served as editor of the film. In 2011, Nick Dalmacy would independently distribute Scorn at the Rialto Theater in Raleigh, NC, which seats 400. From doing his own trailers and TV spots, the premier was a sold out event. Due to the success of the premier, the theater manager would agree to release the film for another showing the following month and another successful screening. To date, the film has grossed over $2000 from two nights, which is listed in Scorn has also went through the festival circuit winning awards for Best Film, Best Actress and Best Drama at the New Bern Black Film Festival and was nominated for Best Film at the 2011 San Diego Black Film Festival.


In early 2014, Dalmacy would begin work on “Sins of the Wicked”, a short film which was shot in North Carolina. The production would take 3 days and Dalmacy served as the Writer, Director, Producer and Editor.

In 2015, Dalmacy would set out to shoot the sequel, “Sons of the Wicked” and it was then that he decided to look to expand the story into a cinematic short series. "Legacy of the Wicked" soon followed.

Nick is currently in development on "Blue Crossing".


Nick Dalmacy
Nick Dalmacy

"Nick is a highly skilled and extremely methodical filmmaker. He takes his time... He runs options on everything.  He's a lion in the world of film and the public has yet to hear his roar. But get ready... it's coming." - Joel