Just finished the score to Obi Emelonye’s epic “Badamasi”. Based upon the true story and life of Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida.

This was quite the endeavor, as the film is over 2 hours and there were only 3 weeks to compose the score to meet the Toronto Film Festival deadline. Originally, we were only going to score the primary scenes to meet the TFF deadline, but love for the picture turned into insomnia, obsession, and 20 hour days . As soon as Obi sent me the script I couldn’t stop turning the pages. Beautiful story, wonderful cast, and a truly amazing director. It was a real pleasure to work with Obi on this. Now that we have moment to breathe, we’ll be adjusting and tweaking the final score over the next month for the final release.

Badamasi - Obi Emelonye , Joel Christian Goffin.png

Score to Vladamir Minuty's film "Vacant" Complete

The music score to “Vacant” is complete! It was a pleasure to work with Vlad again. Utilizing primarily a small chamber section and electronic lows, a minimal but intensive score.

Directed by Vladimir Minuty (USA, 2019, 28 min.). Digital.


In the near future, cannabis is legal and ubiquitous. Nia, an out-of-work millennial, hopes to become a social-media influencer, but when women turn up missing in town, she finds herself at the center of a mystery with uncanny origins and no one to turn to. 


Blue Crossing Soundtrack Available Today

Blue Crossing Soundtrack - Joel Goffin .jpg


Blue Crossing Original Soundtrack Now Available On All Online Retailers. iTunes, Amazon, etc.


If you're looking for a warm and uplifting score, this is not it. Utilized a number of atmospheric tones and raw instruments to compose a unique score to match the picture.


Dead End Soundtrack Available 7.7.17

Dead End Soundtrack 

Joel's electronic based score for the film "Dead End" is set to be released, for digital download worldwide, on June 7, 2017. 

Synopsis :"This is the story of a small town outside of LA where crystal meth is manufactured. A young couple struggles to get out of a life of drugs, crime, and violence. Their love, strength, and resilience is put to the ultimate test as this Dead End town refuses to release the grip it has on their lives." - IMDB

Love Addict Soundtrack Release Date Scheduled for 6.30.17

Love Addict Soundtrack Cover Art .jpg

The original musical score, composed by Joel Goffin, for the feature film "Love Addict" is scheduled to be released worldwide on June 30, 2017! 

Love Addict, starring Elliot HaddawayAlyshia Ochse, and Courtney Stodden, is a fun comedy brilliantly directed by Charis Orchard that follows the story of Owen Maxwell. Owen, a womanizing attorney, has his life turned upside down after a hypnotherapy session to quit smoking goes awry and he seeks help from one of his clients, an uptight psychiatrist, who teaches him that there is more to women than meets the eye.